Travel Cost Calculator – The beginning of budgeting for a trip

So I found (I think on Reddit) this really cool TRAVEL COST CALCULATOR.  I think that you’d still benefit from planning and budgeting yourself and trying to find the best way to travel cheap, but this is a great tool and starting point for that process.  You can play around with the sliders and change what you expect your expenses to be and it shows you a pretty good idea of which countries are going to be the most expensive during your travels.

As Christian and I get closer to our own travels, we will share all of our budgeting, cost calculations, and expectations for our trip.

What cool tips/tricks have you found for budgeting for a trip?

What are some ways you have found to travel cheap?

5 Responses to “Travel Cost Calculator – The beginning of budgeting for a trip”
  1. Bron says:

    I usually divide my budget into two categories: travel and daily costs. The travel budget is for planes, trains, ferries, long distance bus and car hire. Daily costs covers food, accommodation and spending money.

    Travel: If I have the time, I always prefer to travel by land even if it costs more, so the only way I really save any money here is by booking in advance.

    Food: I usually budget a small amount for breakfast (assuming I’ll get it from a supermarket), twice that for lunch and twice that again for dinner and figure that is a safe overbudget.

    Spending money: I allow a little bit for attraction entry fees and transport within a city, but I always walk instead if it’s possible.

    Accommodation: Sometimes hostels are cheap and excellent quality (eg in Portugal and Eastern Europe) sometimes budget hotels are a better option (eg perhaps in Rome or Amsterdam), it’s worth checking both. I like and for finding accommodation. I’ve also just started using and have stayed in 3 places booked through that website so far, all of which have been great and cheaper than any other type of accommodation!

    The longer you travel for at one time, the cheaper it will be. That might sound weird: you’ll obvious spend more over 6 months than you would 1 week but your average daily budget will be less.

    • That makes perfect sense. in looking at going to Europe next summer, it was a go big or go home mentality because I knew that it is most cost efficient to see as much as possible over a couple months, as opposed to several small trips over a couple of years.

      I like the idea of separating it into those categories… and like you said in food, it is definitely better to over budget and have extra money left over. Also, thanks for those site, I will definitely be looking at those for shopping around for places to stay.

      Have you tried couch surfing? i have seen many people use it but am not extremely confident in doing so myself

      • Bron says:

        I haven’t tried couch surfing… I don’t think I’ve got quite the right temperament for it. 🙂 Airbnb is kind of like a paid version of couch surfing though.

  2. pommepal says:

    We have done a lot of couch surfing in Australia and every one was a gem. We are pensioners, long term grey nomads so saving on accommodation is a big plus…( I have some posts on couch surfing on my blog)

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