The Kooks Concert in Columbia MD – A Little Taste of Europe Part 2

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During my summer in DC, I have had the opportunity to do many things… seeing one of my favorite bands in concert is one of them, and the Kooks are easily one of my and Christian’s favorite bands.  They are extremely talented musicians and song writers and ever since their first CD came out in  2006, they have exploded in the UK and around the world.

I should probably admit that the Kooks weren’t the headliner in this show.  I was very sad when I found this out because although I also love the band that headlined, the Kooks were one of those bands that shaped my music taste forever.  Foster the People was the headliner and if you haven’t listened to the full CD of Torches, Foster the People have so much more to offer beyond their mega-hit “Pumped Up Kicks”.  They too are very talented and for the better part of the school year last year their album was my running playlist.  But even though I love Foster the People, it was always a Kooks Concert in my heart!

Just for fun, here is a video of the Kooks covering Foster the People’s hit:

The venue is pretty cool.  The Merriweather Post Pavilion is a popular venue Columbia Maryland and I hear it is among the best acoustical outdoor venues anywhere.  Here’s some advice that I learned right away from this show… check the seating chart before buying a ticket!  I’m used to shows like Fun., The Wombats, Circa Survive, Angels and Airwaves…  Bands that have a lot of success, but that I am still able to see in venues that max out between 500 and 100 people.  Merriweather Post Pavillion is much larger!

Here’s the seating chart:

I like saving money so I did by just choosing the General Admission tickets…  I thought that was the way to go and is the way I almost always go.  The problem is that this put nearly out sight of the stage and I had to spend the majority of the concert staring at a screen!  It was doable and I was still seeing one of my favorite bands live, but it was a far-cry from what I had been expecting.

First of all, this was my view:

Obviously my eyes can see a little better than the camera on my iPad…  But I was impressed at the turnout!  Apparently more people like the same music that I do than I thought!

The crowd of people at Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, Maryland

And the screen did a good job of zooming in for when there was talking or sick guitar solos!

The show was great and for any kooks fanatics out there, here is the set list:

Time Waits – Inside In/Inside Out

Is It Me – Junk of the Heart

See the World – Inside In/Inside Out    (Christian previously wrote about this in the Traveling Playlist Post)

Rosie – Junk of the Heart

She Moves in Her Own Way – Inside In/Inside Out

Run Away – Junk of the Heart

Eskimo Kiss – Junk of the Heart

Killing Me – Junk of the Heart

Ooh La – Inside In/Inside Out

A new song (or maybe they said they never released it) I didn’t catch the title to.

Junk of the Heart – Junk of the Heart

Naive – Inside In/Inside Out

To the other Kooks fans out there… Notice anything?

THEY PLAYED ZERO SONGS FROM THEIR SECOND ALBUM.  Sorry if I sound upset but I like their second album on par with their first (Inside In/Inside Out) and more than their newest one (Junk of the Heart).  I know my opinion doesn’t count for much, and they were still technically touring their newest CD, but I would have loved to have heard at least a song or two from Konk (their second album).


So the kooks were easily the highlight of the show for me, but Foster the People killed it.  They were great live!

Check out some far away pictures from them:

Okay so it got dark… and as you can see, the stage is still just as far way….

But, I figured out that if you time the picture just right, you get cool shots like this:

But that about sums up the show.  It was really good and I accomplished a goal of seeing the Kooks live!

What concerts have you always wanted to go to?

What is your favorite concert you’ve been to?

3 Responses to “The Kooks Concert in Columbia MD – A Little Taste of Europe Part 2”
  1. bwucinski says:

    I actually REALLY wanted to see the Kooks when they came to Dallas but I couldn’t find someone to go the concert with me! I’m jealous you got to see them live! My favorite concert has been Blink-182 (who I’ve seen twice live) they’re awesome!

  2. cotihowell says:

    Love the Kooks! The lead singer has such a unique voice.

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