The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained (CGP Grey Video)

This will be the last video post for a while… I promise!  It was a busy last couple of weeks and I didn’t want to leave the blog dormant.  You guys might be starting to get sick of these CGP Grey videos… but I LOVE them.  Maybe the Olympics are making me obsess about England, but the more I watch these videos, the more excited I get!  “The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained” tells about how much tourist revenue the Royal Family brings in, and, I must admit…. as an American and growing up hearing about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, I have been fascinated with the Monarchy ever since.  I plan whole heartedly to see the Crown Jewels and take in all of the touristy royal family things.

Check out a couple of other videos we love!

5 Responses to “The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained (CGP Grey Video)”
  1. Megan Madill says:

    Super interesting! I have to admit, I never did know this, and I always thought the only good that came from the Royal family was the indirect and not-really-measurably-attributable-to-the-Queen money that comes from tourists attracted to the Crown. Thanks for sharing this and making me a little less dogmatic and ignorant 😛

  2. Hahaha, de-clawed kitten. Enjoyed very much, thanks! 🙂

  3. Collector says:

    Really interesting post thanks for sharing

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