The Secret City of London (CGP Grey Video)

I know that London is unofficially among Christian and my top 5 places in Europe.  England is somewhere we have spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming of visiting and next summer all of those dreams will come to fruition!

CGP Grey does it again with another fantastic video!  I can’t stress enough how well done these videos are and I’m not ashamed to give him all this free advertising because his videos are so intriguing and so well done.

This video talks about a subject that in all of my learning about England and London through schools, books, videos, and wikipedia, I have never seen or heard of this before.  The Secret City of London is quickly jumping up on the places of London I will be visiting, as well as hunting out their insignia (the City’s Crest) throughout the city!

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3 Responses to “The Secret City of London (CGP Grey Video)”
  1. You will have a great time there.

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