Languages of Europe – Basic phrases to know when traveling to the Czech Republic (Basic Czech Phrases)

Czech is a language spoken in many countries throughout eastern Europe, with roughly 12 million native speakers (most of whom are in the Czech Republic).  Now we did our best to find someone who knows Czech to translate, but it is hard to verify that this is all correct, having no knowledge of the Czech language myself.  If you know some Czech and see something incorrect, comment below!  We always appreciate the help!
You all have been fantastic in helping us with the translations.  It is amazing how many languages are out there and how the internet can connect us all!
Now these are the languages we are still working on translating.  We would really appreciate any help if you know one of the following languages:

German – I’m working on it but would love help

Italian – Ditto

Russian – Ditto


Polish – I might have a friend who could help, but any help would be appreciated!







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1 – jedna (j as y in yellow…it’s always like that)

2 – dva

3 – tři (ř is hard to pronounce and almost impossible for a foreigner to get it right, it’s something like [rz], maybe find a video to hear it)

4 – čtyři (č is pronounced as ch in cheat)

5 – pět (ě is like “ye” in yellow)

6 – šest (š is like [sh] for example sh in shallow)

7 – sedm

8 – osm

9 – devět

10 – deset


“Hello” – Ahoj

“Good morning” – Dobré ráno [é is like longer e]

“Good afternoon” – Dobré odpoledne

“Good evening” – Dobrý večer [ý is like longer y/i]

“Good night” Dobrou noc

“My name is … ” – Mé jméno je …. ”

“Goodbye” – Nashledanou, Ahoj

“Please” – Prosím

“Thanks” – Díky

“Yes” – Ano, Jo

“No” – Ne

“Excuse me” – Promiňte (ň is like n in new)


“Do you speak english?” – Mluvíte anglicky? (í is longer i)

“I don’t speak … insert language… well” – Nemluvím dobře česky

“Speak slower please” – “Mluvte prosím pomaleji”

“How do you say english word/phrase in … insert language” – Jak řenknete anglické slovo/frázi česky?

“Very interesting” – Zajímavé

“Wonderfull” – Skvělé, Výborné

“Cool” – Super, Skvělé

“May I take a photograph?” – Můžu fotit? (ů/ú is like longer u)

Toast – “Na zdraví”


“How much does this cost?” – Kolik to stojí?

“Can I pay with a credit card?” – Můžu platit kartou?

“I’d like to pay, please” – Chtěl bych zaplatit

“I would like” – Chtěl bych/Rád bych …

“Water” – Voda , not carbonated – Neperlivá voda

“Wine” – Víno

“Beer” – Pivo

“Soda” – Soda, perlivá voda

“Beef” – Hovězí maso (maso is meat)

“Chicken” – Kuřecí maso

“Fish” – Ryba, rybí maso

“Pasta” – Pasta, těstoviny

“Bread” – Chléb, Chleba

“This food is delicious!” – Jídlo je výborné, Chutná to výborně/skvěle


“Where is the” – Kde je … ?, Kde najdu…. ?

“Can you show me on the map how to get there?” – Ukážete mi na mapě jak se tam dostanu? (ž as j in french name Jean)

“Can you show me where ______ is on the map” – Ukážete mi kde je na mapě …. ?

“Where is the restroom?” – Kde jsou toalety?

“How do I get a taxi?” – Kde můžu najít taxi?

“Where can I find a bus?” – Kde je autobusová stanice? (as where is bus station)

“Where can I find the Metro?” – Kde je metro?

“Where is the airport?” – Kde je letiště?

“Can you take me to location…” – Odvezete mě na místo ….


“Emergency” – Poplach!

“Help!” – Pomoc!

“Can you call a doctor?” – Můžete zavolat doktora?

“I’m an American Citizen” – Jsem americký občan

“Please call the American Embassy” – Prosím zavolejte americkou ambasádu

“My blood type is ______” – Moje krevní skupina je ….

“I’m allergic to …” – Jsem alergický na …

A note on the translation from the person who helped me by translating it:

Well that would be it, you might have some trouble with pronounciation, except the special characters I explained on the way, every(!) letter is then pronounced like it’s written, there is no reading group of letters to get one “sound” as in English for example, in word “check”, you read “ck” as [k], in czech word “americký”, “ck” in NOT pronounced like [k], but both letters are pronounced “c” as “ts” in “tsunami” (and that applies for every “c” in every word), “k” as “k” in “key”.

3 Responses to “Languages of Europe – Basic phrases to know when traveling to the Czech Republic (Basic Czech Phrases)”
  1. Bee says:

    Generally when I travel, I pick up the language quite easily. Czech was a whole nother story. I was there for a week and I hardly got further than “thank you” which for the first few days I thought was “Hello” so I kept greeting people by saying “THANK YOU!” They probably just thought… “there goes another strange tourist”.

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