Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Greece (Basic Greek Phrases)

It’s all Greek to me! Sorry… I had to get that out of the way.  I have taken a year of ancient Greek, but I have no confidence in my ability to translate our list.  Luckily Ria, from was able and willing to step up and help.  The list differs a little from the original, but Ria did a fantastic job with it, thank you so much.
You all have been fantastic in helping us with the translations.  It is amazing how many languages are out there and how the internet can connect us all!
Now these are the languages we are still working on translating.  We would really appreciate any help if you know one of the following languages:












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The Basics


1 – Ena

2- Dyo (the “D” is pronounced as “th” in then)

3- Tria

4- Tesera

5- Pente (the “nt” is pronounced as a “d” in door)

6- Eksi

7- Epta

8- Okto

9- Ennea

10- Deka (the “D” pronounced as “th” in then)

Good Morning – Kali mera

Good Afternoon – Kalo apogeyma

Good night – Kali nyxta (pronounced “neekta”)

Yes –  Nai

No – Oxi (pronounced “ookhi”)

Maybe – Isos

Hi – Hairete (pronounced “hair-re-te”)

Hello/Good bye – Geia sou (“yia soo”) or geia sas (plural) used for many people or formal.


My friend – File moy (pronounced “fee-le moo”)

My name is… – Me lene (name) or To onoma mou einai (name)

What’s you name? Pos se lene (informal), Pos legesai (formal)

Thank you – Efharisto, very much – poly

Please – Parakalo

Sorry (for a mistake or excuse me) – Signomi

Sorry (I beg your pardon/ forgive me) – Me sighoritai


Where is – Pou einai

– the bus stop – stathmos leoforion

– the train station – stathmos trenon

– the metro – stathmos metro

– the aiport – aerodromio

I’m lost – Hathika

I’m not from here – Den eimai apo do

Do you speak English? –  Milas Anglika (informal) Milate Anglika (formal)

Speak slower please – Se parakalo, mila pio arga (informal) Sas parakalo, milate pio arga (formal)

I don’t speak Greek –  Den ksero Ellinika

I don’t understand –  Den katalaveno

What are you doing? Ti kaneis (informal) or Ti kanete (formal). This phrase is commonly used for “how are you?”

How are you? Pos eisai (informal) or pos eiste (formal)

I’m good – Kala eimai

Not good – Den eimai kala

Have a good trip – Kalo taksidi


How much is this/What is the price? Poso kanei afto/ Ti timi ekhi afto

Water- Nero

Coffee – Kafe

Tea – Chai

Milk – Gala

Juice – Hemos

Soda – Soda

Beer – Beera

Wine – Krasi


Help!-  Voithia! (pronounced “Vo-i-thia)

Good – Kalo

Bad – Kako

Now – Tora

Later/after – Meta

Big – Megalo

Small – Mikro

Today – Simera

Tomorrow – Avrio

Yesterday – Exthes (pronounced “ek-thes”)

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