European Celebrities We Love

I know we’re in the middle of our language series – a series which will serve so much practical purpose for us, and hopefully for you – but I thought it would be nice to add more chaos to the world of blogging by beginning a new series in its midst! I know, it’s never been done; just bear with us. As you can read in the title, the new series will be about European celebrities we love. We don’t have a set number of posts we’ll make on this series, and honestly, we may never put a cap on it.

The points we’re going to cover include the reason people love them so, and how they have impacted their industry and beyond. It’s pretty broad, which means there’s no real rigidity to what we can cover. It’s just kind of a fun series bringing light to the famous people who hail from the continent we love so dearly.

As you know, Justin and I love movies, and well the art of entertainment in general, so we wanted to honor the Europeans who do it well. Although we can’t capture the plethora of European celebrities who stick to their homeland, we can definitely portray the ones who are more popular here in the States. While we are compiling a list which may never end, feel free to suggest athletes, movie stars, singers, and any other kinds of famous Europeans, and we’ll check ‘em out and try adding them to our list.

2 Responses to “European Celebrities We Love”
  1. Love this post (and Europe) (and your blog)

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