Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Spain (Basic Spanish Phrases)

We’ve been talking about languages lately.  To find out more about our current series, check out this previous post!

Now, I took four years of spanish in High School, but I’m not going to pretend to be an expert.  If you see something incorrect, let me know!  You won’t hurt my feelings.  I want the information as accurate as possible!  Also, if you have any tips for Spain-specific spanish, that’d be awesome!  My Spanish is more Mexico/South American, but here we go!


Numbers (números)

1 – Uno

2 – Dos

3 – Tres

4 – Cuarto

5 – Cinco

6 – Seis

7 – Siete

8 – Ocho

9 – Nueve

10 – Diez


“Hello” – Hola

“Good morning” – Buenos días

“Good afternoon” – Buenas tardes

“Good evening” – Buenas noches

“Good night” – Buenas noches

“My name is … ” – Yo me llamo [nam] /Mi nombre es [name]

“Goodbye” – Adiós

“Please” – Por favor

“Thanks” – Gracias

“Yes” – Sí

“No” – No

“Excuse me” (literally) – Perdóneme

“Excuse me” (as in cutting through a crowd of people) – Con permiso

“Excuse me” (forgive me for saying something rude/i’m sorry) – Disculpame


“Do you speak english?” – Habla usted Inglés (formal);  Hablas Inglés (informal)

“I don’t speak spanish well” – No hablo bien español. (Mi español no es muy bueno – my Spanish isn’t very good)

“Speak slower please” – Hable despacio por favor

“How do you say english word/phrase in … insert language” – ¿Cómo se dice… en Inglés?

“Very interesting” – muy interesante

“Wonderful” – maravilloso; estupendo

“May I take a photograph?” – puedo tomar una fotografía

Toast – Salud!


“How much does this cost?” –  cuánto cuesta esto?

“How much does [insert name of item] cost?” – Cuánto cuesta este/esta [insert name of item]?

“Can I pay with a credit card?” – ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?

“I’d like to pay, please” – Me gustaría pagar, por favor.

“I would like” – Quiero (I want)

“Water” – agua

“Wine” – Vino

“Beer” – Cerveza

“Soda” – Soda

“Beef” – carne (meat)

“Chicken” – pollo

“Fish” – pescado

“Pasta” – pasta

“Bread” – pan

“This food is delicious!” – La comida está deliciosa!


“Where is the” – dónde está el/la…

“Can you show me on the map how to get there?” – ¿Me puede mostrar en el mapa cómo llegar?

“Can you show me where ______ is on the map” – ¿Me puede mostrar donde está _________ en el mapa?

“Where is the restroom?” – ¿Donde está el baño?

“How do I get a taxi?” – Cómo puedo conseguir un taxi

“Where can I find a bus?” – dónde está el autobús

“Where can I find the Metro?” – dónde está el metro

“Where is the airport?” -dónde está el aeropuerto

“Can you take me to [location]” – puede llevarme a [location]


“Emergency” – Emergencia!

“HELP!!!” – Auxilio!!!

“Help me” – Ayudame

“Can you call a doctor?” – puede llamar un médico

“I’m an American Citizen” – Soy ciudadano americano

“Please call the American Embassy” – por favor, llame a la Embajada de los Estados Unidos

“My blood type is ______” – mi tipo de sangre es…

“I’m allergic to …” – Soy alérgico a…

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9 Responses to “Languages of Europe – Phrases to know when traveling to Spain (Basic Spanish Phrases)”
  1. eleuthereal says:

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  2. Hi,

    You might like my latest post (the last one on trip to Kashmir). Please check it out.

  3. heathersharmony says:

    That’s a lot of good information! Thanks!

  4. Jenny says:

    Just a few minor corrections for now :3 didn’t get to take an in depth look but a few things stuck out right away:

    #1) “How much does this cost?” – Cuanto cuesta esto?
    “How much does this [insert name of item] cost?” – “Cuanto cuesta este/esta [insert name of item]?”
    I think maybe it was just a minor spelling mistake when you put este instead of esto but I also wasn’t sure if you trying to say the former or the latter so I included both just in case.

    #2) Ayudame just simply means “help me” as in with homework, chores, etc. (also in difficult situations) but if you want to cry out for help in an emergency situation we use “auxilio”.

    Keep up the great work! 😀

  5. Jenny says:

    #3) Con permiso = Excuse me (when you’re trying to cut through a group/between two people having a conversation, etc.)
    Example situation: You’re at a family gathering and need to get past some family members to get to the restroom. Normally it’s good manners to say this and then wait for them to give you the go ahead so don’t just say ‘con permiso’ without receiving some sort of go ahead as it literally means ‘with your permission’.

    Disculpame = Excuse me, I’m sorry (for when you do something rude or as is most often the case something accidental to someone; polite way of coming up to stranger to ask for advice)
    Example: Disculpame pero me puedes decir… [Excuse me but can you tell me…]

    Perdoname = Excuse me or forgive me (literally)

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