Paris YouTube Video – 10 Things You Need To Know About Paris

I found this video while browsing YouTube.  It is from which I hadn’t heard of until finding this series of videos, but it is a tool I will definitely use in the future to compare prices of Hostels.

Now Christian and I already have a pretty basic list of where we are planning to go in Paris (which you kind find here) but we are always on the look out for more information on each of the cities we are planning on going to!  Admittedly, this video is a little bit corny… it has that sort of nineties feel many of us group with.  The music is a little too loud and kind of dancy.  Yes I just made up a word and it is dancy.  Despite the questionable style, or lack there of, of this video, the content is actually pretty good!  They tell you a secret to circumventing paying a hefty fee for using motor bikes, when you can get into the museums for free, and even where to find local flee markets.

Take the good and ditch the bad….  any gem you can find when planning a trip is useful!

Also, comment below if you have any better tips than this guy or any other special knowledge of Paris!

9 Responses to “Paris YouTube Video – 10 Things You Need To Know About Paris”
  1. MyLifeterium says:

    Reblogged this on MyLifeterium and commented:
    Awesome video!! I was recently in Paris and I can relate to alot of this!!

  2. Elle says:

    Couldn’t agree more about visiting Sacre Coeur, the views from there are incredible! Take time to explore the Latin Quarter, it’s such a charming neighborhood. One place that I don’t recommend is the Moulin Rouge. I felt that my night there was a waste of time. I hope that you have a wonderful trip! I’m envious, Paris is such a sexy and vibrant city!

  3. snowgood says:

    My favourite place in Paris is Musee d’Orsay. If you want to see great art on a Grand Scale than where better than a converted main line railway terminus. Make sure you take in the Eiffel Tower at about an hour before dusk, and it’s better by foot than by lift. If you get a chance get a tiny car like a smart and drive it around the Arc de Triomphe – we did, it wa so much fun I kept going round in circles.

  4. Thanks for the video, one thing I definitely won’t do is rent a bike, however I did like the suggestion of getting some wine and having a nice little meal or snack by the river.

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