Watching the Euro Cup in an Irish Pub – European Vacation Can’t Come Soon Enough

So, I haven’t written my next post yet, number four in our countdown of Top Movies to get Excited for Travel, but not because of laziness…. or not solely because of laziness.

As some people may know from previous posts, me and Christian (Christian and I???  i don’t know…) are both from Arizona.  Well I am working near Washington D.C. (Silver Spring, MD) for the next several months and I am just now really settled in.  So, I promise that the next movie will be coming out soon, but in the meantime I have been watching the Euro Cup!  This is probably time that I could of spent writing the movie post, but watching the Euro Cup has one me thinking one thing – EUROPE NEEDS TO HAPPEN SOON!

I knew that this was a trip that would need a lot of planning so I thought that it would be great to start planning it about a year and a half in advanced.  It wasn’t.  I get super excited with every post I write, with every person I meet that even vaguely knows about Europe, with every movie I watch (hence the current blog series!).  But it is just making the time between now and then long.

At least, for the summer, I have the Euro Cup and the London Olympics.

Yesterday I watched one of my favorite teams, The Netherlands, lose to Denmark.  It was upsetting.  The whole Irish Pub was rooting for the dutch, but to no avail.  But that is the nature of the Cup.

This pub, let me tell ya, really gets me in the mood for Ireland.  I don’t really recognize any of the food on the menu.  The bar tender is barely understandable because of his accent (Irish, obviously) and even the guy sitting next to me was, in fact, Irish.

It was a great time!  There is nothing like watching The Beautiful Game with people who truly love it.  So much of European culture is seen in soccer.  The joys of the win, and the devastation of the loss.  My favorite part is when the camera pans both factions of the crowd after a goal.  One part of the crowd is unable to contain the sheer joy bursting out of themselves, while the other look as if they have been diagnosed with an incurable disease.

Hopefully I will be able to see some sort of soccer game next summer.  All of the clubs will be on break, which will be a miss, but there should be some international friendlies that, if I time it just right, we could see while we are there!

Anybody else watching the Euro Cup someplace cool?

9 Responses to “Watching the Euro Cup in an Irish Pub – European Vacation Can’t Come Soon Enough”
  1. Perhaps pick up an interprovincial hurling game while visiting. As for movies – for quiet English villages, try Hot Fuzz, or Without a Clue. Ireland plays tonight, hopefully a win. The pub would be the best place to watch it – specially if its a win!

  2. Haven’t watched the Euro Cup (*sorry*), but, because you mentioned you’re in the DC area, here’s an Irish pub that my husband and I just visited that might be a fun spot for you (the bartender is Irish, but easy to understand – hee hee). And a fun movie theater (both in Arlington, VA, across the street from one another – not sure if Arlington is a place you can get to easily):

    • Awesome! i appreciate that so much! i am in the Silver Spring Maryland area… about a mile north of DC. But I have been to Arlington a couple of times and have friends on the VA side not too far from there! i will definitely have to check it out!

  3. Nicolette says:

    Have a great time in Europe! In Bruges is a great film!! And if you enjoy soccer, well, you’ll blend right in. I’m originally from The Netherlands (I know, I know…my team is not playing well…sadly), and we love our soccer!!

    • Haha i wish the Orange Machine was playing better! I fell in love with them last world cup! I root for liverpool and dirk kuyt is one of my favorites… I also now follow bayern munich almost solely because of Arjen robben!

      • Nicolette says:

        I know!! That’s great though! I love Robben and Kuyt! They’re probably my favorites. Hopefully the team can redeem itself next time. It was not the Dutch soccer that I know and love this time. Not really sure what was going on.

  4. Caroline says:

    English Premiership season starts Mid-August-ish, and the Championship a week earlier. before then there will be friendlies so you might just catch some great matches 🙂

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