Top Movies To Get Excited For Traveling: #6 Shawshank Redemption

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6. Shawshank Redemption

“It comes down to a simple choice… Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

Now, I’m going to say upfront (NO BS!), Shawshank Redemption is not a travel movie. This entire post is a stretch.  Throughout the movie they talk about Zihuatanejo Mexico and (spoiler) they get there in the end.  But this is not what the movie is about.  At best, Zihuatanejo is a sub-plot.

However, no movie list would be complete if Shawshank did not appear on it.  This is one of, if not the best movie ever.  No argument.

Yet, is there any among us that can’t relate to Andy Dufresne?  Are we not too fed up with our given situation (prison or not) and wouldn’t we rather live a simple life in the beautiful Zihuatanejo?  Dufresne has it right.  Not all of us may be locked in prison… in fact i’d venture to say most of us are not…. but sometimes we get so locked into the mundane of life that we need our own sort of shawshank redemption.  We need to escape.

I had the opportunity to go on a cruise a couple of Decembers ago.  Above is a picture of my family about to go snorkeling (it was a few years ago… note the long hair poking out of the bottom of my cap!).  We had many stops up and down the coast of Mexico.  One of the stops just so happened to be a little town called Zihuatanejo.  Yes, the very same.

It was gorgeous.  It was actually very clean compared to Manzanilla and Acapulco… I think that somebody told them about the movie and that we Americans expect a paradise.  It was actually quite touristy with lots of stands lining the streets selling anything and everything you could ever want.  But I like touristy and loved Zihuatanejo.  It was beautiful and i’d live there in a heart beat!

The shops were cheap, which is always fantastic.  The beaches are gorgeous and sandy and warm.  The people are nice and the food is fantastic!  But I couldn’t help but think that this isn’t my paradise.

As much as I love Mexico, and I love Mexico, my paradise is a city.  With people.  Someplace where I can wear sweaters and drink lots of coffee.  Maybe Paris (i’m a little obsessed right now). That’s what I like.  That’s where I relax.  That is my shawshank redemption.

So, what is your escape?  Where do you find redemption?  It doesn’t have to be Zihuatanejo, like Andy Dufresne.  It doesn’t have to involve coffee, like me.  But it is yours.  What is your Shawshank?

Comment below about your dream spot!

(oh and there is a picture of what the market areas look like!  Pretty cool little places… lots of places to buy things and I got a cool blanket and some good coffee.  I always love haggling!)

Check out the trailer below… if you’ve never seen Shawshank, you are missing out!  I get chills just watching…

4 Responses to “Top Movies To Get Excited For Traveling: #6 Shawshank Redemption”
  1. Shawshank redemption is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. Just saying. Interesting post 🙂

  2. Such a great movie! I cry every time I watch it!

    • Larissa says:

      “Worlds Greatest movies are made in Prisons” .i agree. Some of the geratest are made in prison. there are others like godfather trilogy, lord of the rings trilogy (thats just simply awesome). if u havent watched those, please do watch it.I have a movie review site of my own too for , check it out.

  3. No Map Girl says:

    Great movie. Great question….my fantasy escape is always Spain!

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