Top Movies to Get Excited For Traveling: #9 Harry Potter Series

12. Wild America

11. Forrest Gump

10. Bourne Trilogy

9. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter films are a series that I have had the joy of growing up with entirely from beginning to end. Though I haven’t read all of the books, I am a huge fan of the movies. In fact, I went as Harry Potter for Halloween two years in a row. JK Rowling has changed the world of literature as well as film with the world she has created. Children and adults are engrossed by the things they can imagine reading the books and watching the movies.

The beautiful thing about the film series is that it gets better as is progresses. My favorite is the third, but that’s just because it was one of the few books I read in the series. However, as the film numbers increase, so should your distance from avid fans of the books, because they can spend all day rattling off the reasons they were oh so inaccurate. I take great delight in the films and the world they have adapted, and nothing will change my mind about that.

The crazy thing about the world of Harry Potter is that it is not only an insane reality to us, but Harryhimself was flabbergasted at the thought that there was an entire realm of existence in the midst of the one he knew. Thus, Daniel Radcliffe’s portrayal of the young wizard makes sojourning appealing. To visit a foreign land, to be submersed in a culture other than your own, is the magical thing that makes Harry Potter so utterly appealing. It enlightens us all to the fact that no matter who we are, we can enjoy the great reward of traveling to a different land.

You’re a sojourner, Harry.

I’m a what? I can’t be a sojourner. I’m just Harry. Just Harry.

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9 Responses to “Top Movies to Get Excited For Traveling: #9 Harry Potter Series”
  1. shilin says:

    Not mentioning this is a great series of movies to have while I’m traveling across half the globe. 🙂

  2. sweetmaddy says:

    While I prefer the books and do notice all the things that are different in the movies, I still LOVE watching them because it’s a quick way to become immersed in my favorite alternate reality. I saw Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1 in the theaters 3 times! So glad HP made your list!

  3. geewitch says:

    You must visit the WB Leavesden Studios if you love Harry Potter! My friends and I were just there last May. It was fab. 🙂

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