Top Movies to Get Excited for Traveling: #11 Forrest Gump

12. Wild America

11. Forrest Gump

When I first saw this movie, it gave me the chills because of how good it was. It had to have been when I was in middle school, and is one of the first films to get me loving cinema. It has literally everything – comedy, action, romance, drama, and adventure. The theme of the movie is overcoming obstacles and following your heart… and sometimes only your heart. I remember asking my mom and hoping that it was based on a true story. Well, it’s not. But it planted a yearning for travel in me and Justin, and let’s just say we like the guy’s stuff and want to catch his spontaneity.

A movie loaded with brilliant writing from the beginning of the adventure to the end is hard to come by these days. However, in 1994, Hollywood managed to do it, and Tom Hanks delivered an incredible role as Forrest Gump. From childhood to fatherhood, everyone told Forrest he wouldn’t be able to accomplish what everyone else could because he was a little bit different. I’m pretty sure the reason all of us movie lovers can’t get enough of the Gump is because he accomplished way more than any of us ever will, in the face of opposition!

This movie gets me in the sojourning mood because, not only does Forrest end up fighting overseas in Vietnam, but he also takes off running all across America, just because he felt like it. Forrest didn’t let anybody stop him from doing what he wanted, and because of it, he did so much more than they thought he could, all the while maintaining a sense of innocence and childlike purity. He reminds us to not over think life’s simple pleasures. I wouldn’t call venturing to Europe a simple pleasure, but I do know that when I make it over there, we’re going to grab life by the chocolates.

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2 Responses to “Top Movies to Get Excited for Traveling: #11 Forrest Gump”
  1. mttravels says:

    The Beach made me what to visit Thailand and I did; its a fab place!

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