New Blog Series – Top Movies to Get Excited For Traveling: #12 Wild America

The countdown begins!  This new blog series is going to cover something Christian and I love… movies!  We could literally talk all day, every day about movies.  Now these aren’t necessarily our all time favorite movies (though some may fit the bill), but these movies are ones that get us jazzed to travel!  We have 12 movies picked out and tonight we cover number 12!

12. Wild America

Many people may be looking at this title and wondering… what is that?  But believe me, this movie helped define my childhood.  Maybe it’s cause I loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Home Improvement as a kid (I even had the same bowl cut!) and so it meant of course I would love a movie with him in it! But before this movie, I had never even thought twice about road trips or backpacking.  This movie changed that!

Now, this movie doesn’t have the best writing.  It doesn’t have the best acting.  It doesn’t have the best, well, anything.  But it’s got heart.  It’s got imagination. And it tells a story that we all wish we could be a part of.  We all want (or have wanted) to just hop in the car and drive.  How many of us have actually been to all 50 states?  How many have tasted  everything that the United States has to offer?  Probably not most of us!  I know that I haven’t.

In the movie JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) tags along with his brothers on the road trip of a life time.  They decide that they want to film their road trip and film crazy wild animals (such as crocodiles and bears) in the wild.  This a great basic flick to wet your appetite for travel.  It covers everything from the travel itself, the relationships (and stresses on the relationships) of the people on the trip, and even the possibility of finding a new girlfriend along the way… i mean what is a 90’s movie without a cheesy love story.

You don’t have to sleep in a scary cave with bears (which happens in the movie… SPOILER: they survive) to appreciate the angst for travel!  It does a good job of putting to film some of my own angst!  Don’t like my choice at number 12?  Deal with it!  It’s my childhood and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Wild America!

So if you are dying to see this (I know you are) try AMAZON … they got it!

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Keep checking back to see what we rank as our number 1 movie that gets us excited for traveling!  Agree or Disagree with a pick? Have a better movie we didn’t think of?  Let’s debate below!

2 Responses to “New Blog Series – Top Movies to Get Excited For Traveling: #12 Wild America”
  1. sweetmaddy says:

    I LOVE Wild America! I have it on vhs at home and it’s one of my classic faves from my childhood. I love the old camera they get, and the bear cave thing, and how the mom has all the animals in the house. So good!

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