A Little Taste of Europe – The Wombats in Kansas City

Christian and I went to a concert this past week and seeing as we can’t think of a great way to end the backpacking series, today’s post will be about that show!

As you can see from the photo above me and Christian are way more excited than the three other people in this picture.  That’s because they are famous and we are not.  The Wombats are finishing up their tour around America, and one of their most recent stops was Kansas City, Missouri.  To be honest, this is a show I never thought I’d get to see!  They aren’t an enormously popular band in the states and so, understandably, most of their shows are in Europe. We have both loved the Wombats since high school, so it was fantastic getting to see them live.

The music trio is from Liverpool, UK, the same merseyside town that the Beatles were from.  Liverpool was also one of our top five places to go in England in an earlier post.  The city made that list for multiple reasons: 1) I’m die hard in my love for Liverpool Football Club (YNWA!), 2) The Beatles are from Liverpool (and everyone loves the Beatles), and 3) The Wombats are from Liverpool (and we love the wombats).  There really wasn’t a lot of science to picking Liverpool, just a love of the Liverpool products!

The show itself was fantastic!  We loved every minute of it.  The band plays with so much energy and talent that it is hard not to love it.  Christian often says that they have the best back up vocals of any band, and I have to agree.  The way they use vocals is very creative and unique from almost any other band out there.

Here is a video of them playing one of my favorite wombat songs in KC:

Here is another of the lead singer Matthew Murphy trying to pop a big red balloon that was thrown onto stage!  its at around 1:14 into the video…  He keeps playing after a hard fall. Respect.

It was a great experience and gave us something to look forward to when we head to Europe.  You might want to even plan part of your travel around a few bands you like.  Are there any European Bands that you like?  or maybe just a band with a European tour?  That’d be a great way to spend a few nights of the trip, listening to some of your favorite bands on their home turf!

Here’s the wombats website:

Here’s their wikipedia to find out a little history:

6 Responses to “A Little Taste of Europe – The Wombats in Kansas City”
  1. travelsofadam says:

    Awesome! I love the Womabts – saw them live at a little indie club in Boston a few years ago, but I think it’d be most fun to see them in the UK…

  2. shilin says:

    Looks like you had a really great time! You’re ending your backpacking series? I had a good time reading through your posts! 🙂

    • Haha well thank you so much! i’m glad you enjoyed those! We were kind of hoping to finish out with a post about things you don’t usually think of when it comes to backpacking… but we kind of covered all that we were had! It will definitely be a topic we revisit as our impending trip gets closer. Thanks again for checking in on the posts!

  3. gemmafottles says:

    The Wombats are such a sick band – I saw them in a very cool venue in Nottingham in the UK a couple of years ago. Liverpool is not worth a visit – absolute trek to get to if you’re not staying in the UK for too long, and apart from a pretty messy night life, it’s diiiiiiiiiiiisgusting!

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