Backpacking – Introduction to Backpacking

I’m at the point in planning the trip where I’m ready for a big purchase, a big step in the direction of the trip.  Now I’m not talking plane tickets (yet) but possibly the most important purchase your will make for a trip such as this.  I’m talking about backpacks!

This week is backpack week on Sojourning Abroad.  We are going to look at all things backpacks!  Tomorrow we will look at the basics of backpacking, what it means, and how it will look to travel Europe via backpack.  Then we will look at what to look for in a backpack, and what kind of backpack to buy.  Next we will look at the basics of packing a bag.  We will then look at my favorite thing, bag safety (you never know when some hoodlums are going to try and take your backpack!!!).

This is the nitty and gritty.  This is the type of details that can make or break a trip.  It is going to be a great week of posting!!!

Let’s make this week as interactive as possible.  We, by no means, are experts, but if there is anything about backpacking you have questions about, comment in the post below and we will answer them in the posts this week!  Together, we will learn how to backpack Europe.


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