Top 5 Places to Go in Hungary

Once a world power, the Hungarian empire lost most of its territory at the end of World War I.  Most people when they think of Hungary, think of almost a medieval type culture.  The reality, however, is that Hungary is a beautiful and thriving modern country, and attracts nearly 9 million tourists a year.

1. Budapest

Budapest is not only the largest city in Hungary, but it is also the capital.  One the things that Budapest is most widely known for has to be their Roman Style Bath Houses.  One of the most popular spas is the Gellert Baths.  If you like it enough, you can even get a room at the connected Gellert Hotel.

One of the most iconic sections of Budapest is Andrassy Avenue.  The centerpiece of the Avenue is Heroes Square.  Positioned right beside the Budapest City park, the square has been a staple of Budapest for over a century.  The two biggest attractions in the square are the Museum of Fine Arts and the Palace of Art.

Also along the historic Andrassy Avenue is the Hungarian State Opera House.  The Opera has played a huge role in Hungarian culture for more than two hundred years.  While still holding events every season, the opera house has guided tours almost everyday in several languages, including English.

2. Buda Castle/Castle Hill

Buda Castle has often been referred to as the Royal Castle.  There is a very extensive art collection in the castle and is till used for many things today.  The Castle is a part of Castle Hill, one of the oldest and most historic sections of Budapest.  The Budapest History Museum is located in Buda Castle.  You might even recognize some of the scenery around Buda Castle from the Katy Perry music video Firework.

This location is also the host of the Festival of Folk Arts, annually each August.  This is a Festival celebrating the folk culture in Hungary.

3. Danube Bend

The Danube Bend is a particular section of the Danube River close to Visegrad, a small village in the north of Hungary.  This bend is often considered the most beautiful section of the river.  This location is ideal for a quiet weekend while on vacation.  They are very accommodating to their tourists.  The river, at sections, is even a part of the Gemenc national park, known for its high density of wild life.

4. Lake Balaton

Sometimes referred to as the Hungarian Sea (because of Hungary’s landlocked state), Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe.  No stranger to tourists, Lake Balaton is known for its world-class resort life.  Unfortunately for those wanting to travel in the summer, the busy season for Lake Balaton resorts is during those summer months.  If you feel more adventurous, however, Lake Balaton is also visited often in the winter months for skating and ice fishing.

5. Memento Park

The name may be slightly deceiving…  Memento Park is not your typical park.  Instead, Memento Park is an open-air museum in Budapest.  The statues commemorate the Communist leaders in Hungary up until 1989.  I’m sure that most Americans cringe at hearing that… still hard feelings from the Cold War.  But this park is a huge piece of who Hungarians are and where they come from.  If you want the true experience of Hungarian culture, it is important to understand their past.

3 Responses to “Top 5 Places to Go in Hungary”
  1. As a photographer and artist i have always wanted to go there and hopefully i will be able to one day! its so unfortunate what is happening in Hungary politically but that does not take away from its ancient beauty and the contrast of architecture between the ancient and contemporary. great post! i will book mark this one !

  2. iamoceansroar says:

    Interesting our view of Hungary is a bit different. i was confused about Memento Park, but then i looked it up and the English name is different. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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