Top 5 Places to Go in Switzerland

Switzerland is quite a unique place to visit at any point in the year.World famous skiing up in the glaciers and mountains regions, and an almost tropic climate near the southern lakes, are just two of the climates this (relatively small) country.Switzerland, however, has much to offer on top of climate.

1. Food

When most Americans think of Switzerland, they think of cheese and chocolate, and with good reason.The Swiss cheeses are much more numerous than subway would lead us to believe. But there are at least ten distinctive cheeses (I’m sure there’s even more) and most are named for the certain city or region from which they originate.Surprisingly enough not all Swiss cheeses have holes (called eyes by cheese connoisseur), in fact, if you want to sound smart, ask for blind cheese and you’ll get a type without holes!

Nearly as popular as their cheese, Swiss chocolate can be found all throughout Switzerland.Nestle is perhaps the most famous chocolate manufacture from Switzerland.Founded in the mid 1800’s, Nestle is a staple of Swiss chocolate.But Nestle isn’t the only chocolate in Switzerland and they face much criticism for their mass production.One of the world renown (small) chocolate making companies is Teuscher in Zurich.It has even been listed in the New York Times as one of the world’s best chocolate makers.

Finally, lesser known to those is a Swiss nut cake.This cake can be found in almost every major region around Switzerland, each containing it’s own distinctive features.

A cool website I found talking about different cuisines by region is right here:

2. Chateau de Chillon Shore of Lake Geneva

One of the most breath-taking and beautiful castles in all of Europe, the Chateau de Chillon was originally 100+ individual buildings that were then strung together to form the castle we have today.This is easily the most visited castle in all of Switzerland, if not the most visited historic site as well.

The website for the Chateau:

3. Matterhorn (Pennine Alps)

Is this Disneyland?NO! … but they did get the shape of the world famous Matterhorn Mountain in the Swiss Alps exactly right!This behemoth, dwarfing almost every other peak in the Alps, sits right on the border of both Switzerland and Italy.With the help of trains and cable cars, much of the mountain is easily accessible, though the peak is still a treacherous climb.And don’t worry, you won’t run in to any abominable snowmen up on the Matterhorn… because he lives in the Himalayas!

4. Explore the great outdoors

Switzerland is a very out door friendly country.Take the Swiss National Park for example… It is the largest protected area in Switzerland.This area is beautiful and perfect for hiking or walking, bird watching or site seeing.Sorry to all the mountain bikers, but no one is allowed to ride their bikes in the park in an effort to preserve the park the way it is naturally.

The small town of Interlaken, around 6,000 people, resides in-between mountain and lake.One such mountain, and one of the main attractions of Interlaken, is Jungfrau.This mountain is perfect for the adventurous climbers, as well as those who would love to take a train ride up to the look out and have lunch in one of Jangfrau’s restaurants.There is even a hotel in which you can stay!But even if the mountain doesn’t attract you to Interlaken, attracts backpackers year round because of the various activities, such as skydiving, hang gliding, canyoning, and skiing.

The Rhine Falls are the largest plain waterfalls in Europe; not surprisingly, they are found in (upper) Rhine.There is an observation deck and boat rides that bring you up close and personal to the falls.

5. Zurich

Zurich is a town known internationally for their businesses and banks.Anyone who has a Swiss bank probably went to Zurich to get it.What many people don’t realize is that Zurich has been around for ages.The old town of Zurich was founded 2000 years ago in Roman times and, because of its location on lake Zurich and near the Rhine Falls, Zurich has been an important global player ever since.

Some of Zurich’s main sights include the Zurich Museum of Art, which contains the largest collection of modern art in the world, and the Swiss National Museum, which outlines the history of the proud people of Switzerland.

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  2. I love that Switz in your top places!

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