Top 5 Places to Go in Ireland

Lookin’ to get luck?Hopin’ to find a lovely lass in Dublin? Well Ireland just might be the place for you!If you love independence (especially from the UK!), sports, potatoes, and a good drink, you are sure to have a heart that beats green, white, and orange.

But if you only have a limited time in the land of luck, where are the few places you have to try and go?

1. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland.With the city built right up to Celtic Sea, Dublin grew to be an important bay for the isle of Ireland.Dublin is also the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

This is one of the most storied cities in the British Isles.Merrion Square is one of Dublin’s most popular places to visit.Built in the mid 1700’s, this square has been very well preserved throughout the years.One of the most beloved statues in the square is that of Oscar Wilde, whom resided along Merrion Square for a number of years.The National History Museum and the National Gallery also board the square.

Another monument in Dublin is the Dublin Spire, or officially The Monument of Light.The spire stabs into the sky just off of O’Connell St. and at nearly 400 feet tall, it can be see from miles around.The spire was built in the same location as the famed Nelson’s Pillar, which stood on O’Connell st. until it was destroyed by a bomb in 1966 by the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Another famous site in Dublin is Trinity College, which is the only one of the seven ancient universities of British Isles in Ireland.The biggest attraction at Trinity College is the book of Kells.This is a world famous ancient manuscript of the four Gospels fully illustrated.It is believed to have been created in ca. 800.

Finally, what is a Journey to Dublin without a trip to St. Patrick’s Cathedral?Perhaps one of the most iconic Irish People, many don’t know that he was actually born in British Rome.Patrick studied to become a priest and became one of the most important figures in bringing Catholicism to Ireland.

2. Guinness Factory

Anyone in the know is probably wondering where the Guinness factory is on the above list, but, as one of Ireland’s most well known tourist sites, I felt the Guinness Factory deserved it’s own point of recognition.At one point in the 1900’s, the Guinness Factory was the largest brewery in the world.Taking a tour of the Guinness Storehouse is a truly unique experience.The exhibit covers seven floors and ranges in exhibits about the history of the company, the founder, and the brewing of Guinness.The seventh and final floor offers visitor a 360° view of Dublin.With over 4 million visitors a year, this is one stop in Ireland you won’t want to miss.

3. Cliffs of Moher

These beautiful and iconic cliffs in Ireland raise out of the Atlantic Ocean at most parts about 400 feet tall, but at just over 700 feet in some areas!O’Brien’s tower, a tower built from flagstones in the 1800s, provides a unique vantage point over the cliffs and sees nearly 1 million visitors a year.The cliffs have been featured in several movies, including The Princess Bride and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!One of the most popular ways to look at the cliffs is to catch a ferry ride and look at them from sea level!

4. Drive

It may seem cliché, but one of the best ways that anyone can enjoy a beautiful country like Ireland, is to drive around.Ireland is known for its beautiful green countryside and breath-taking views.

The Ben Bulben, sometimes Benbulben or Benbulbin, countryside is some of the most beautiful in the world.It has rolling green hills surrounding the 1700 foot rock formation of Ben Bulben.It is a part of the Darty Mountains, a mountain range in northern Ireland.The mountain provides a great climbing location and is surrounded by ancient Celtic myths and lore.

And if you are looking for fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean, Donegal County in Northern Ireland (UK) provides great hiking and climbing along the Oceanside, as well as surfing along the beach!

5. Castles

Castles are an indistinguishably important part of the history of Europe and Ireland is no exception.

Kilkenny, a city of just over 20,000 in southern Ireland, is home to the famous Kilkenny Castle.Dating back to just before 1200, this castle is one of the most visited and best-preserved castles in Ireland.Along with an iconic city wall, there are extensive gardens and also plays host to the National Art Gallery.

The Castle of Dublin is also a site that is not to be missed.Founded by King John of England, the castle has been built right into the cityscape of Dublin.This castle has been used for a filming location in several movies and TV shows, including the Showtime hit The Tudors.The Castle, along with being an important historic site in Dublin, also hosts the Heineken Green Energy Music Festival each May.

Finally, the best for last, is the Blarney Castle!!!

Where did the luck of the Irish legend come from?Answer: the Blarney Stone.The Blarney Castle is the home of the world famous Blarney Stone which legend says it will bestow luck and “eloquence” on any who kisses the stone.Not a ritual for the germ-o-phobe, millions of people have ventured to Cork, Ireland for a chance to pucker up to this stone.

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6 Responses to “Top 5 Places to Go in Ireland”
  1. I have travelled most of Ireland. I do like the North West for the food, the craic, the people, the scenery, the history, the walking and the surfing. It needs more bookshops.

  2. skyboyintl says:

    Hoping to go to Ireland next year, this is a great beginning, thanks for the info! Enjoy and stay safe.

  3. Very nice, Justin. I absolutely love living here in my adopted country and there are just SO many more places of interest!

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