Top 5 Places to Go in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular European tourist destinations for several reasons: the food, the hospitality, and the amazing year round weather.

1. Madrid

Madrid is the Capital City, and as with any capital city, there is a distinctive hustle and bustle to it.Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union, behind only London and Berlin.

The City of Madrid offers beautiful architecture, from ancient temples, to the Royal Palace, to a plethora of churches and cathedrals.For sports fans, Madrid has the largest bull ring, Las Ventas, as well as two of the worlds most recognized soccer teams, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Madrid is well known to have one of the most extensive metro transits in the world, making transportation around the city very easy.

Only a little over forty miles south is Toledo, Spain.A short trip to this town just outside of Madrid offers an authentic look into one of the world’s most historic towns.Toledo is filled with castle, monasteries, synagogues, cathedrals, and mosques that date back centuries.

2. Barcelona

A city world famous for its dominant football (soccer) team in recent years, Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city.Unlike Madrid, which is land locked, Barcelona offers gorgeous beaches on Mediterranean Sea.As with many of Europe’s historic cities, Barcelona has fantastic architecture ranging from buildings and structures left over from the Roman founding of the city, to the plethora of Cathedrals, to the modern styles of Forum Park.

Barcelona sees many visitors every year, it is the fourth most visited City in Europe behind Paris, London, and Rome.Most tourists visit in the summer, but mild temperatures welcome tourists year round.

3. Valencia

Apart from the beautiful weather and iconic architecture, which seems to be abundant throughout Spain, Valencia has much to offer in the way of Museums and Culture.The world famous Ciutat de les Artes i les Ciencies (City of Arts and Sciences) is an entertainment based culture center and the most important tourist destination in Valencia.There is an IMAX planetarium designed to resemble a human eye.There is also L’Oceanogràfic, which is Europe’s largest marine park.The structure itself is designed to resemble a water lily.

Finally, it’s not Spain without bull fighting!!! The Museu Taurí de València, or Bull Fighting Museum of Valencia, is a must for anyone desiring to understand this important piece of Spanish history and culture.

4. Morocco Day Trip

The Strait of Gibraltar is a relatively small strait, about 9 miles, separating the two continents of Europe and Africa where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.A typical day trip can leave from Costa del Sol, Spain, and go to Tangier, Morroco.There are many guided tours and, for someone that may feel uncomfortable with a trip such as this, it is highly recommended.One guided tour has a 13 hour round trip, day trip, which includes lunch, the ferry ride, and transportation.

5. Andalucía

Andalucía is the southern most “autonomous community” in Spain.Seville, the capital of Andalucía, has much to offer in terms of tourist attractions.The Plaza de Espana is located in the Maria Luisa Park.The plaza was used for location shooting in both Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars: Episode II.A well-known cathedral, Alcazar, used to be a Moor palace (yes, Moors, not Moops!).Alcazar is known for its lush and intricately designed garden.

One Response to “Top 5 Places to Go in Spain”
  1. The south is my where I prefer. Dont forget Granada. It is worth it. If you are there as late as April you might get some sledding in – its about an hour and a half drive up in the Sierra Nevada (the originals). I remember sitting in 40deg C in the Alhambra and spotting sleds heading up. How I envied them! They held the Winter Olympics there some time in the past.
    There is no trouble leaving Europe and going to Africa. The same can not be said of getting back in from Africa. It is a major drug route. I could not miss various groups spreadeagled on the road under guns while searches went on (in Spain enroute from Malaga to Gibraltar). Try the ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta. Its in Africa but part of Spain so you do not technically leave Spain. Try the spanish embassy if you are interested. Brought the family over for a day some years ago, perfectly safe. It is not advertised and we were the only non-spanish on the ferries (they were 45 min trips).
    A mixed culture exists – arabic begging and smatterings of the language through the spanish crowds. You also get a feeling of the Sahara before the wind is moistened by the Med on the way to Spain.
    Hope this helps.

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