Top 5 Places to Go in England

Top 5 Places to Go in England

Oh so much history and so many things to do in England.From the country of northern England, to the business of London, choosing my top five places will prove to be quite the feat.

1. Stonehenge

Perhaps one of the most lore-filled landmarks of all time, these iconic stone structures have been around for thousands of years.Despite their longstanding presence in the English Southern countryside, no one knows exactly who put them there, or why.More interesting, perhaps, is that the stones for Stonehenge way up to 50 tons and come from around 140 miles away.How did this prehistoric society bring these stones here to build these structures? Why?

A trip to Stonehenge will not only be breathe-taking, but could be one of the most defining moments of the entire Euro-Trip.There are few places in the world where relics from (approx.) 3,000 BCE remain so well preserved.This is a once in a life-time sight to see.

2. Tower of London

A castle right on the world-renowned river Thames, built by William the Conqueror… can it get any better? Yes.

The Tower of London is one of the best-known museums in England.Many English monarchs have lived in this castle.But perhaps the thing that the tower is most known for is housing the Crown Jewels.These are the jewels are best known for being used in the coronation ceremonies.

Every woman likes jewelry, so if you are traveling with a woman, the Tower of London is a must!

3. Stratford-Upon-Avon/Warwick Castle

“All the world’s a stage, and the men and women merely players.”

What would it be like to see where arguably the greatest writer of all time grew up?That’s exactly what Stratford-Upon-Avon offers. Granted, things have changed in the last 400 years, but the town is sold out to Shakespeare.The Royal Shakespeare Company makes its home in Stratford and performs year-round productions.But are plays and Shakespeare not your thing? Well have no fear!

Just 8 miles away is Warwick Castle.True to its name, this castle has seen its fair share of war since being built in the eleventh century.Having been regularly referred to as England’s best castle, this is a tourist spot you won’t want to miss!

4. Liverpool

The Merseyside town has provided the world with some of the best music the world will ever know.A trip to Liverpool will indefinitely see people still crazed with Beatle-mania taking off their shoes for a quick stroll across abbey road.But after the excitement of the hallowed crosswalk wears off, what else is there to do in Liverpool?

Why not head over to two of the most historic football (soccer to us Americans) stadiums of all time, Goodison Park and Anfield.Both of these stadiums were built pre 1900’s and host two of the most storied sports franchises in the world, Everton and Liverpool FC, respectively.You don’t have to be a sports fan to appreciate what these stadiums mean to the community and all of England.Besides, what would a trip to England be without some appreciation of the beautiful game.

5. Canterbury

Canterbury, the very same from Chaucer’s classic The Canterbury Tales, is an English Cathedral City.Canterbury is home of several historic sights including the Marlowe Theatre, the city wall from the Roman Era, and the ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey, to name a few.The Canterbury Cathedral is a beautiful feat of architecture. And finally, if you are visiting in October, you will be able to participate in the world famous Canterbury Music Festival.Not bad considering Canterbury gave the world bands such as The Cure and Joy Division!

Bonus: The Eagle and Child Pub

The Eagle and Child Pub, is a Pub in Oxford famous for being the meeting place of the writing club, The Inklings.This group included both C.S. Lewis, famous for his writing of The Chronicles of Narnia books, and J.R.R. Tolkein, famous for The Lord of the Rings books.This is a must stop, not too far from the University of Oxford mind you, for any aspiring writer or lover of reading.

What did you think of this list?Did I miss something huge in England that I need to point out?Let me know, comment below!

6 Responses to “Top 5 Places to Go in England”
  1. Hmmm, Eagle and CHild Pub huh? I must look into that…

  2. England was where I started my euro tour. Can’t wait to find out where you guys begin yours. In the meantime I have nominated you for an award! So enjoy and check it out at

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